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Trafford Conservatives hail library success

Trafford Conservatives have welcomed the news that Trafford Libraries continue to flourish. The new Altrincham Library has been open for a year and it is reported that in that time the number of books borrowed has gone up by 32%, visitors up by 47% and new members up by 101%.

More MPs, more power for the North

With the start of the new decade, Conservatives in Trafford are looking forward to the new opportunities that the nine MPs in Greater Manchester can collectively bring to powering up the North.

Trafford Conservatives condemn limit on tip visits

Trafford Conservatives have condemned the changes being introduced in February 2020 that will see most Trafford residents being limited to one visit a week to the local household waste recycling centres.

Let's have the 2030 World Cup Final in Trafford

Trafford Conservatives are supporting reports that Boris Johnson is being urged by Ministers to hold a World Cup final in the North of England as part of his 2030 bid.

This People’s Government will deliver for workers

Official independent jobs figures show that in North West England, there are now 3,516,498 people in work – meaning that, under the Conservatives, 337,524 more people have the security of a job and a wage.