“Trafford Council’s free after 3pm plans are are welcome continuation of previous policy, but the Conservatives believe they should go further and scrap their planned increase of parking charges alongside Labour’s plan to harm our evening economy by extending the charging period in Council car pa

Holding the Opposition to account

With now a potentially unstable Labour Council, propped up by the Liberal Democrats, the Conservative opposition’s main aim must be to ensure that the people in Trafford can continue to build upon and benefit from the plans made by the outstanding Conservative administration.

Tackling the scourge of plastics

Single-use plastics are amongst the worst forms of pollution. Our role has included:-

Consulting on the introduction of a deposit return scheme. It will also look at other measures to increase recycling rates.

Cleaner air for the next generation

We are seeking to improve air quality in some of the most polluted areas. We are supporting local authorities with funding worth more than £260 million to tackle the worst levels of air pollution at busy road junctions and hotspots. Our role includes:-