Report a failed bin collection in your area

We are receiving hundreds of emails and calls from residents across Trafford about their bins not being collected. This issue appears to have arisen since the Town Hall changed the bin collection rotas 8 Months ago in October 2019. 


George H Carnall Survey

George H Carnall Lesiure Centre still looks set to close, depsite Labour's promises to review "all" the options. 

Councillor Linda Blackburn and Councillor Brian Shaw want you to have your say on the future of George H Carnall by taking their survey below!

Have your say on the future of Timperley Wedge and Carrington Moss!

The Labour leadership in Trafford have overseen a bitterly disappointing redraft of the GMSF.  After making many promises not to in the last election campaign, Trafford Labour are still proposing to release vast swathes of green belt - more than any other council in Greater Manchester.