About us

The proudest achievement of the Trafford Conservatives has to be the support and relentless fight we have undertaken to establish Trafford’s outstanding education system - which is now at RISK.

Conservatives Supporting all forms of education, by offering CHOICE.

One of the main reasons people tell us that they move to Trafford is for our Schools, Trafford is recognised as one of the best boroughs in the country for education.

We believe that investment in our future benefits everyone.

Trafford Conservatives have fought to keep -

Academies, Faith, Grammar Schools, private schools, free schools - a diversity of academic choices.

The Labour,  Liberal democrats and Green Party seek to dismantle our educational choices here in Trafford. Taking it back to the 1970's with one school fits all mentality - It didn't work then and it won't work now.

Trafford Conservatives will seek to:-

  • Keep council Tax the Lowest in the Northwest.
  • Keep the Crime rate the Lowest in GM.
  • Open more Libraries and charge no fees.
  • Support UA92, harnessing the benefits that a university can offer to Trafford and its young people.
  • Challenge the horrific lapse, since Labour took control, of what was our outstanding Social Care and hold them to account to get it back on track for the residents of Trafford.

  • Keep our unemployment at record low figures.
  • Develops the Vision and the health and wellbeing strategy taking us into 2031.
  • Ensure a home building strategy focusing on brown field sites first and not accept the Labour party in Trafford and Andy Burnham's plans for the GMSF - which is basically to build on the Greenbelt.

  • Work with Business to make Trafford the go to place to start or grow a new business.
  • Develop the plans we had in place to develop a Tech corridor in Trafford that focus on innovation and media.
  • Develop our plans to make Trafford a Borough of Sporting excellence.
  • Keep up the work to reduce the use of plastic in the borough.
  • Keep the promise on reducing air pollution.
  • Invest the millions set aside for pot holes into all the wards in the borough, and producing a record of spend in each ward and on which roads.
  • Producing a balanced budget.
  • Keep Labour to its 100 Pledges.
  • Develop the Green strategy by making Trafford install the much needed electric car charging points throughout the borough.