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Businesses on our local high streets have suffered greatly as a result of COVID-19, many of whom shut their doors and found ways to help out in the community during this difficult time. As things slowly return to normal, it’s now time for us to give back to our local businesses to help get them back on their feet. 

Sadly, there are still too many barriers for people in visiting our high streets, such as costly parking and concerns surrounding the safety of paying a visit to our town centre.

This is why we are urging Trafford Council to use the £210,672 in funding from the Government's Reopening High Street Safely Fund to introduce the following measures:

  • 2 Hours Free Parking on weekdays, to encourage shoppers to visit our local high streets and help revive our local economy
  • The installation of contactless hand sanitization stations, to reassure people that our high streets are safe to visit.

After speaking with shop owners in Trafford, we believe that the measures we are urging the council to introduce will help kickstart our local economy and encourage people to ‘Shop Safe, Shop Local', so please, sign our petition below to help support our local high streets. 

Shop safe, shop local

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Do you support Trafford Conservatives call for Trafford Council to provide 2 hours free parking on weekdays to help our local economy recover from COVID-19?
Do you support our call for Trafford Council to provide free contactless hand sanitization stations in our town centres, to reassure people our high streets are safe?