If I’m elected mayor, I will:

  • Make sure Greater Manchester has the schools, health facilities and transport to support our growth
  • Establish a housing fund to kick-start home building on brownfield land, and protect the greenbelt from unnecessary development

  • Introduce smart ticketing, and bring buses under the Mayor’s control

  • Make Greater Manchester a cycle-friendly city, and double the number of electric car charging points

  • Ensure a sustainable green belt and offer greater levels of protection for our parks and green spaces

  • Make sure children are ready to start education, and young people are ready to start employment with a Year of Service

  • As Mayor, be a Living Wage champion, and I will work with the Women’s Equality Party to commission an employment Charter for Greater Manchester

  • Use the Apprenticeship Levy to fill skills gaps in social care and establish a region-wide pool of social work staff to reduce agency cost

  • Be a mental health champion, and ensure those with mental health problems get access to the services they need

  • Give you greater control over local policing, and I will reward those who volunteer to keep us safe


Councillor Sean Anstee Leader of the Conservatives on Trafford Council

Welcome to our manifesto for the 2016 local elections in Trafford, which sets out our pledges for the 2016/17 financial year and future aspirations for the years ahead.

On May 5th, you will have the opportunity to vote to secure and retain a high performing, low cost and efficient Council or take a gamble with a Labour Party that nationally opposes many of the things that make Trafford great and locally has no coherent plans whatsoever for our Borough.

We want Trafford to be the best, most economically prosperous, thriving and diverse part of Greater Manchester and we will achieve this by being a pro- growth, pro-business Council and enhancing capacity in our communities – recognising their individual assets but also their collective strength when they come together.

There are six principles that are our overarching commitments to Trafford:

  • Enabling the best start in life for our children and young people.
  • Delivering the strongest, most resilient economy in Greater Manchester.
  • Helping those who need our help the most.
  • Securing the best schools and children’s services in the country.
  • Saving working families’ money with the lowest Council Tax in the North West.
  • Backing business to grow and be successful.

Since winning back control of Trafford from Labour in 2004, a Conservative administration has transformed the Council from one where services were ‘all but collapsed’, Council Tax increases were the norm (including a whopping 13% in a single year) and overspends were ignored.

Today, the contrast couldn’t be more stark; twelve years of delivering a balanced budget, over £100m saved through our Reshaping Trafford programme, Council Tax frozen for the last six years, our children’s services independently inspected by Ofsted as the best in the country, plus the highest recycling rate of any metropolitan or unitary authority.

Our primary schools are number one, our grammar and high school system does so much to get our young people off to the best start in life and our care services for elderly residents are funded properly and of a high

Trafford Conservatives Securing a Stronger Borough standard.

Under Conservative control, Trafford is a Council that is focusing on what it can do, rather than what it cannot and is disproving the notion that throwing money at something makes it better. It doesn’t – here in Trafford, despite being the most poorly funded Council in Greater Manchester and having the 3rd lowest spending power of any metropolitan or unitary authority in the country, our outcomes for residents and businesses are second to none and we outperform our neighbours easily.

A Conservative-run Trafford is on the side of residents, standing up for our collective interests in Greater Manchester and working collaboratively to lever powers down from Whitehall to a local area. These are opportunities that mean we can be more than just a functional Council, but one that for generations to come will create the conditions for Trafford to thrive and prosper.

As we approach the election, we do so with a proud record of achievement and with a clear view of our future. The choice for our voters is whether to put that at risk with an incoherent Labour party or vote to secure a stronger borough for the future, by voting Conservative.

Thank you for your support.

Cllr Sean Anstee