Report a failed bin collection in your area

We are receiving hundreds of emails and calls from residents across Trafford about their bins not being collected. This issue appears to have arisen since the Town Hall changed the bin collection rotas 8 Months ago in October 2019. 


We are trying to ensure that the council are fully up to date of the roads that are regularly suffering missed collections. So together we can help residents get their roads back on the bin rotas.


We are also asking residents to let us know which colour bin is most frequently missed on their road so we can resolve why this is happening.. 


Your council tax covers your bin collections and other services, the average band D cost of council tax in Trafford (one of the highest TAX collecting boroughs in Greater Manchester) is £1,6043 per year. Do you consider our community is getting good value for money?

Trafford Conservatives call for short-term parking to help our High Streets

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