Trafford Conservatives condemn limit on tip visits

Trafford Conservatives have condemned the changes being introduced in February 2020 that will see most Trafford residents being limited to one visit a week to the local household waste recycling centres. The changes are being introduced by the Labour-dominated Greater Manchester Combined Authority and will result in huge inconvenience for local residents, many of whom regularly visit the Centres to do their bit for the environment and help to make Trafford cleaner and tidier.

Cllr. Nathan Evans, Leader of Trafford Conservatives said “The changes being introduced in February will impact negatively on many Trafford residents and coupled with the poor domestic waste collection provided by Trafford Council, will result in a worsened local environment. Our concern is that if residents can’t access the local tip then some people will dump items on our roads and public spaces adding to an already polluted environment.”

“The safety of staff at the Centres is also a concern as they will now be left to deal with confrontational and stressful situations as staff will be on the front line in a conflict that they didn’t ask for.”

Cllr. Dylan Butt, Shadow Executive Member for Environment, Air Quality and Climate Change added that “It would be interesting to know what the Mayor of Greater Manchester – Andy Burnham’s view is on this policy of making it more difficult for residents to recycle all their domestic waste. Trafford Council already struggles to clear fly-tipping hotspots and this policy will add to the environmental damage and degrade the public amenity – not to mention the additional cost to the councils. When the Conservatives were in power in Trafford, the borough saw record recycling rates and it is telling that those rates are now falling. This policy is ill-conceived and will be counter-productive so we will be fighting to get it reversed.”