Increased employment

The last Labour government left over half a million more people out of work, whereas under the Conservatives we have seen:

• Employment increased by over 3 million since Labour were in power – meaning over 1,000 jobs have been created on average every day.

• Over three-quarters of the rise in employment since Labour were in power has been in full-time jobs, while less than a quarter of the jobs created since 2010 have been part-time roles. 

• We are boosting the rights of UK workers, responding to the Matthew Taylor Review, giving millions of workers a new host of rights, including: day-one rights with sick and holiday pay to be enforced for the first time, the right to a payslip and the right for all flexible workers to request a stable contract.

Under the Conservatives, there are over 3 million more people in work with the security of a regular pay packet, unemployment is at an all-time low and the lowest paid have seen the fastest rise in pay for 20 years thanks to our introduction of the National Living Wage.