A CONSERVATIVE councillor has slammed Labour for taking credit for a host of regeneration success stories which only came about thanks to the Tories in power.


Village ward Councillor Laura Evans said she is appalled that the Labour administration should be praising themselves for the successful transformation of Altrincham town centre and the award-winning Waterside Arts Centre, which are both legacies of the Conservatives.


The Waterside has been named Venue of the Year at the annual Northern Soul Awards and also shortlisted for Exhibition of the Year for Cosgrove Hall Films Archive and Theatre Production of the Year for Pins and Needles’ The Bear.


Laura, the former Executive Member for Transformation and Resources said: “We are of course delighted that the Waterside was named Venue of the Year at the annual Northern Soul Awards and is a testament to all the hard work of manager Darren Adams and his fantastic team, who I had the pleasure of working with.


“However it now seems that Sale Labour councillor Jane Baugh wants to take credit. It was  Labour who tied the Waterside into a PFI, making the running costs phenomenal, something which Conservative councillors at the council fought against at the time.


“Looking forward, it is hoped that under the new Labour administration things do not fall back to “the old ways “ and returned to us once again in a broken costly mess.”