Trafford Conservatives oppose Trafford Council's plan to block main arterial road

Last month, Trafford Council announced their plan to create a new seven-mile cycle lane connecting Altrincham and Manchester, with the aim of being completed by the 15th June.

This plan included the reduction of lanes on the A56 through Stretford from 3 lanes to 2 lanes to create additional space for walkers and cyclists.

While we're sure Trafford Council had good intentions, Trafford conservatives believe this will result in chaos. As lockdown begins to ease and people across Trafford start to go back to work it is clear to us there is going to be some serious congestion as well as frustrated residents who won't be able to travel to work as they did before due to their route being unnecessarily disrupted.

Additionally, the Labour lead Trafford Council also plans to stop vehicles travelling through Barrington Road (a main arterial road for commuters!) from the 20th June.

There are many ways in which cycling can be encouraged across Trafford, however, we don't believe that cutting off major roads as we start to go back to work and businesses re-open is in any way beneficial and may do more harm than good.