Trafford Conservatives call for pub gardens to reopen

With pubs, restaurants and hotels not due to reopen until at least July, Trafford Conservatives are calling on the government and the Council to help save 3.5M hospitality jobs which are at risk nationally.

Trafford relies heavily on hospitality and has thousands of residents employed in the sector and local Conservatives believe that getting staff back at work will help avert even higher unemployment figures.

Cllr. Nathan Evans, Leader of the Opposition on Trafford Council said “We believe the time is right for outdoor eating and drinking to recommence where it is safe to do so and the business wishes to re-open. We know that Covid-19 transmission rates are lower in the open air than in indoors and with appropriate social distancing measures in place and the use of technology such as apps to order food and drink we believe that it will be safe for alfresco dining to take place.

“Thousands of Trafford residents work in the hospitality sector and their jobs will be on the line if pubs, restaurants and hotels can’t reopen for the summer. We also know that nationally, before the pandemic, pubs were already closing at a rate of one every twelve hours and this rate of closure will likely get a lot worse if businesses can’t trade at a key period of the year.”

Call for Pub gardens to re-open

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