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The Conservatives have been in opposition in Trafford since 2018. We have to listen and learn if we are to win back those much-needed votes.

Many say we lost in part due to pot holes and the green bin charge. You might have a different view?

The Conservatives focused on spending money on Children's Services, Education, keeping council tax low, town centre investment, low parking charges to name a few.

It appears the green bin sweetener from Labour and to fix the pot holes proved to be a vote winner. Labour didn't really explain to people how they were going to pay for either.

The Green bin refund was achieved by increasing resident’s council tax, to cover the £35.00 charge - hardly fair to those who didn't have to pay the charge in the first place.

The Labour fix the pot holes commitment remains hither to unkept.

The good news is that the Conservative Government pot hole fund is to be increased and so we will lobby for this additional spend in our area.

For the Conservatives prioritising Children's Services was vital, a service that effects everyday lives on such a personal level. Whilst we ran the council it was rated as "outstanding". Cleary, we didn't make it clear in our literature where we focused our efforts and our council tax receipts.

Sadly, Children's services are now in "special measures" under this Labour administration, perhaps you didn’t know that.

Please fill in our on- line survey so that we can hear what you want locally and make sure we deliver for the people of Trafford.

Police and Crime is the responsibility of the Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester he has failed to keep people safe on the streets. Mismanagement of the resources such as the £28 million investment into a failed iOPS computer system has left crime and ability to access data in a mess.




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