Have your say on the future of Timperley wedge and Traffords Green belt

Conservative MP Sir Graham Brady, who represents Altrincham and Sale West, raised concerns that the redrafted plans would still ‘destroy’ large swathes of our green belt.

“There remains considerable scope for developing brownfield sites in Greater Manchester ­— and regenerating run-down parts of the city,” he added.

“Building thousands of new houses on protected land around Sale, Timperley and Hale is an easy option, but is the wrong approach.

I will be working with my constituents to try to secure a more forward-looking and sustainable approach.”

The Labour leadership in Trafford have overseen a bitterly disappointing redraft of the GMSF.  After making many promises not to in the last election campaign, Trafford Labour are still proposing to release vast swathes of green belt - more than any other council in Greater Manchester.  

Trafford Conservative Councillors feel that Andrew Western, the new leader of Trafford backed by the Liberal Democrats & Greens, have dealt a bitter blow to the South of the Borough and  are amazed it has led to this this disaster.  There is still time to stop this attack that will transform Timperley, Hale Barns, Hale and Altrincham with the arrival of up to 9,000 new residents.  All this as an easy way to boost council tax revenue at the expense of the character and charm of our beloved area.

In Bolton and Stockport - where the Labour Party do not have overall control of the Council, more progress has been made in reducing green belt take, for example in Bolton not a single acre is being released for residential development.  It is clear that where the Labour Party have overall control, they are imposing their plans to build on green belt and providing nothing but vague promises on new transport links.  

Nearly two years on from the original draft - the Labour Mayor and Labour Council have failed to listen to the concerns people raised first time round and until they do, these plans cannot be supported and the Conservatives will oppose.

 Cllr Nathan Evans, Shadow Executive Member for Investment, Regeneration and Strategic Planning "says

Please join our petition to have this stopped and to demand the Town Hall withdraw from this damaging Green Belt attack.

 Conservative motion brought to council on the 20th of March 2019 noting the comments of the Housing Minister in relation to assessed housing need which casts further considerable doubt on the integrity of the Greater Manchester Spatial

 Conservative original motion 20th March 2019

10e Motion Submitted by the Conservative Group - Greater Manchester Spatial Framework


This Council notes with interest the comments of the Housing Minister in relation to assessed housing need which casts further considerable doubt on the integrity of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF). The Minister has confirmed the Government’s policy position that it is for local areas to determine, and make the justification for any deviation from assessed housing need in a local area.


This follows a protracted two year delay to revise the document primarily, for partisan political purposes, the outcome of which is still vague assurances over infrastructure, which in many respects lack credibility and therefore confidence of the public, and still contains the release of significant amounts of green belt. 


Council is concerned that Trafford is releasing more green belt land, as a percentage of its proposed allocations to meet need than any other borough in Greater Manchester, and is doing so whilst this uncertainty exists.


Given these factors, and until a satisfactory resolution is found, the Council cannot support the GMSF in its present form and instructs the Leader of the Council to:


-     confirm as such to the Mayor of Greater Manchester;


-     confirm that unless these factors can be overcome, that the Council wishes to pursue its own local plan outside of the GMSF, but that the Council wishes to see a satisfactory conclusion and is willing to work cross party to achieve as such and therefore;


-     will establish a Scrutiny Task and Finish Group with the sole intention of securing cross party support for housing proposals in Trafford alongside securing definitive transporting social infrastructure commitments from relevant bodies.

See Council meeting webcast below


The Liberal Democrats/Labour Coalition with the Greens blocked the Conservative motion

We are the only voice fighting against the GMSF in Trafford.