Trafford Conservatives campaign for Fairer Funding for Schools

Did you know that Trafford receives on average £318 per pupil per year less than the average for English Councils? In Greater Manchester only Bury and Stockport receive less, £2 and £26 less per pupil respectively, while Manchester receives £856 more. The method to calculate this funding is broken and we are campaigning for a […]

Trafford Conservatives welcome discounted Business Rates for small retailers

Trafford Conservatives, as part of their campaign to support local business have welcomed agreement of a motion put to Trafford Council that increases the discount available on business rates to small businesses based on the high street from £1,000 to £1,500. Across Trafford, there are 1369 eligible businesses and to date 73% have completed their […]

Conservative Trafford negotiates Business Rate funding boost with Greater Manchester

Investing in support for local business is a long standing priority for Trafford Conservatives. As a result, Trafford Council is set to benefit from a funding boost of £577k to support local services following agreement obtained from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to enter into a business rates pool across the city region and Cheshire […]