Trafford Vision 2031 Planning by Investing


Vision 2031

Trafford is a place where our residents achieve their aspirations, and our communities are thriving.

By working together

Trafford’s residents will have equal opportunity to be healthy, safe and prosperous, with fair access to housing, education, jobs in a flourishing, clean, green and sustainable local community.

Trafford’s communities will take positive action to improve their local area and support those living amongst them in vulnerable situations, in partnership with services and businesses

Trafford’s businesses will have the skills, investment environment and infrastructure to achieve their ambitions and be successful.

Trafford will be a place people enjoy, with excellent cultural, sporting and heritage attractions and vibrant town, shopping and entertainment centres.

The Trafford Partnership will

See residents, communities, businesses and organisations as equal partners

Bring people together to achieve things we cannot do alone

Share power with local people, and add value to their local activity

Align strategic priorities with local communities to deliver joint action

Provide the tools and support to local people to take action

Share information, skills and resources and collaborate with partners and people

Be creative, dynamic, supportive and challenging in order to achieve our shared ambitions.